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20 Passive Income Ideas To Make More Money

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Generating passive income allows you to have additional income that falls every month. Whatever the initial investment and the amount, this additional income protects you in the event of hard times, periods of inactivity or unemployment, especially in times of crisis and uncertainty.

If you are a salaried employee and have a full-time position, passive income is a great way to generate money without compromising your core business. Indeed, a passive income does not have to take you a lot of time each month, that is why it is “passive”. However, passive income doesn’t just happen, it requires hard work, especially at launch.

Generating passive income also responds to lifestyle aspirations: by giving you more time, freedom and flexibility. And why not quit the metro-boulot-dodo to start your own business, convert to another activity, work from home , or become a digital nomad. . . This article brings together 20 passive income 2022 ideas that will help you generate money while keeping your main job, or retraining.

Having passive income online is often brought up in passive income examples because the internet is a great way to start a lucrative business that you can master control at any time without too much logistical or budgetary investment. These online businesses that make money regularly even have their own trendy name: they are called “muses”. It’s time to make your dreams come true and earn passive income, or find your muse!

What is passive income? 

Income is considered passive when it requires little or no effort to be generated. Most of the work is done upstream: if you create an online training course, it will sell for the long term long after its launch. You will be working hard for a few months to create, launch and promote your online training. In the meantime, you won’t have much to do. The training will run on “autopilot” mode, so your additional income will be generated automatically, without too much effort, wherever you are.

You are probably familiar with the expression “making money while you sleep”. This is what motivates people the most to generate passive income. you can create an online business, and content (a blog, a course, an ebook, a video, or an online store), which will make you money, even when you are not working. Many are looking to generate additional income on the weekends or at home in addition to their main job, the point of passive income is the whole point.

For this activity to materialize and to receive a real additional income, it is advisable to diversify your sources of passive income. Passive online income is the most common and is called a “business muse”. But you can also own tangible or intangible goods (property or stocks), which allow you to obtain this additional income.

Get inspired by Thomas Gio, who has created many businesses that provide him with passive income, such as his “on demand” passive income technique on Print On Demand marketplaces . We advise you to watch this exchange for lots of good advice.

What is a business muse?

It was Tim Ferriss who popularized this term for business in his famous book “ The 4 hour week ”. He defines the muse as a mini online business that will ensure you optimal profitability per hour worked. The idea is to spend as little time as possible at work while having a profitable activity!

Passive income, example:

The dropshipping is a very good example of business that can quickly turn into a museum. Be careful, however, not to delude yourself. Of course, you can generate money and be profitable, while working less. But to achieve this balance of saving money / time spent, it takes time and work, especially at the beginning of its activity.

Dropshipping, like other muse businesses, requires a lot of work at launch to be able to last over time. In this article, we will take examples of passive income to generate regular income supplement. But most of his examples can turn into a business muse, if you work hard and seriously.

How to generate passive income?

It is necessary to generate one or more sources of passive income to hope to obtain regular cash flow.

Before defining an idea of ​​passive income, we advise you to think about the time you have to dedicate yourself to your new business. The ideal is to free up several hours per week at the beginning, because it is at this key moment that the heavy work is done. Indeed, the more time you have to devote to it from the start, the faster your business will have a chance to take off. The weekends can be the time dedicated to working on your business and generating additional income. Imagining a near future that brings you passive income every month will help motivate you!

Then you have to come up with an idea of ​​passive income, by researching the skills to be had, or the risks to be taken. Your sources of passive income will also depend on your skills.

If you work in finance for example, you will have no problem getting started in stock market investing. Likewise, investing in stone will not represent the same risk for a real estate expert. If you are a photographer you can easily sell your photos online. Or if you have one of his skills listed above, you can sell your online training on that topic. Finally, it will be easier to launch your online store if you are already very good at marketing.

Earning additional income or side money can also be useful when you want to start an online business without a budget. We talk about it in this live YouTube exchange with Pierre-Eliott , a successful entrepreneur. He gives you lots of tips to generate your first euros online by selling micro services!

20 passive income ideas 2022

1. Start an e-commerce activity

Do you want to generate additional income online? Online commerce is the fastest growing activity right now! Particularly in 2022: since the Covid crisis, online sales have experienced rapid growth, reflected in constantly evolving e-commerce figures .

Consumers are ripe, they are shopping online more than ever. And you have at your disposal high-performance tools, increasingly easy to use and inexpensive . The timing is therefore perfect for you to launch into e-commerce, on condition of course, to choose the niche market and the trendy products which will be successful.

Getting into the e-commerce has many advantages . Unlike physical commerce, your initial budget is much less, you can sell at any time of the day and night and without geographic limits, target customers with precision and launch retargeting advertising campaigns, control your sales and adjust your prices. in a few clicks. So many smart tactics to reach your customers.

2. Dropshipping, ideal for getting started

The dropshipping is a form of very interesting e-commerce to generate passive income because you outsource your stock and you do not maintain deliveries. You’ll have no trouble finding a wealth of information to get started on our blog, starting with our updated dropshipping guide .

You can get started right now by signing up to Shopify. You will have access to the Oberlo Marketplace , which will help you find products to sell. A business plan can help you formalize your project. Indeed, the choice of your products, your suppliers, the user experience offered by your e-commerce store, and your web marketing promotion actions will make all the difference. Concentrate your efforts on these points for the first few months. The objective is to generate sales automatically each month, with a minimum of work thereafter, if not updating your products, regularly updating your site and advertising and e-mailing campaigns during highlights such as Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday and certain holidays throughout the year.

3. Sell your designs with print on demand

Since e-commerce remains one of the most popular ways to generate passive income these days, it makes sense to try your luck with print on demand . This system allows you to sell your own graphics printed on products such as clothing, mugs, pouches, phone cases, bags and more. You can thus develop a real brand image. However, you will need to limit your graphics budget because the commissions will generally be too low to achieve a large margin. The advantage of Print on demand is also the low initial investment. The choice of your Print on demand supplier is strategic, since it is he who will manage the printing, manufacturing, packaging and delivery to the customer. You take care of graphic design, your sales and digital marketing.  If creating a POD online store and generating traffic on it represents an investment in terms of too much time, you can also sell your print on demand creations on specialized marketplaces like Spreadshirt or Merch by Amazon.