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How To Make Money On Tiktok And Monetize Your Content

Can you really make money on Tiktok? What requirements are necessary to start monetizing your videos? How many followers do you need to see good results? All these questions I asked myself some time ago and, in today’s article, I want to give you relevant information with all the answers.

And it is that the world of social networks is so varied and changing that sometimes it is difficult to keep up to date with everything that happens on each of the existing platforms. Without going any further, until recently I saw Tiktok as a platform where people uploaded videos for the sole purpose of sharing bullshit and having a good time.

And although this is largely the case, I was not aware of the enormous monetization potential of this entertainment platform created by the Chinese company ByteDance. In fact, many “tiktokers” are making really amazing income. Do you want to know how they are doing it? 😀

Can you make money on Tiktok?

Yes, of course, you can. There are several methods to generate real earnings through this application, which does not mean that it is easy to achieve. As with the monetization of other social networks such as YouTube or Instagram, it is necessary to establish a strategy and work hard.

However, at the beginning of the application (when its name was it was not possible to generate income, since it was basically an app where people could upload videos and little else. But as a result of its enormous success (even surpassing Instagram downloads), the developers decided to implement many improvements.

Among them, there is the possibility of making money through the direct and indirect monetization of all the videos uploaded to the platform and even simply by inviting other people.

Anyway, the exponential growth that Tiktok has had in recent years has nothing to do with its interesting forms of monetization, but because of the ease of creating and sharing videos with everyone in an entertaining and very particular way

How to create an account on Tiktok

If you have reached this article through a search engine, it is more than likely that you already have the application installed and your only goal is to discover how to make money on Tiktok, but just in case it is not like that, it is worth explaining how to create one account quickly and totally free.

From there, the steps to follow are very simple:

  • Install the application on your mobile phone.
  • Sign up through an email or by linking one of your social networks.
  • Enter your date of birth.
  • Create a username.
  • Choose your interests so that the application can recommend videos that suit your tastes.

Ready! You will already have your account fully operational and ready to watch videos, upload yours and of course, earn money

Requirements to earn money on Tiktok

When do you start making money on Tiktok? The requirements to start generating income with this fun application are not very demanding, so they are available to anyone with a minimal desire to work. They are as follows:

  • Be at least 18 years of age.
  • Have more than 1,000 followers (with this you unlock the Live function, that is, the possibility of directing).

However, if you want to go a step further and generate the maximum possible earnings, you will need to enrol in the Tiktok Creator Fund, a fund created exclusively to support content creators, whether they are small, medium or large.

Requirements to monetize your Tiktok account.

To do this, you have to go to the “Creator Tools” → “Tiktok Creator Fund” section and submit the application for admission. Likewise, you will have to meet the following requirements:

  • Be at least 18 years of age.
  • Have at least 10,000 followers .
  • Have at least 100,000 video views in the last 30 days.

As soon as your request is reviewed and finally accepted, you will see a welcome message to the program. If for any reason your request is denied, you will have to wait a minimum of 30 days to resubmit it.

How Tiktok works

As it happens when you open a YouTube channel or an Instagram account for the first time, your number of followers will be zero, so you should forget about that for a while and focus on what is truly important, that is, upload content. that may be of interest to other people.However, if your goal is not merely recreational and you have the firm intention of monetizing your Tiktok account as quickly as possible, you should establish a strategy before you start uploading videos like crazy and without any criteria.

For example, the scope and interaction ratio of videos based on humour and entertainment is very high, although on the contrary, the competition you will find is much greater. However, other categories such as finance, digital marketing and even cryptocurrencies, are in full growth.

Therefore, the ideal is to find a niche powerful enough to attract the maximum number of users and that at the same time, does not have too strong competition that prevents you from growing as quickly as possible. However, if you are not in a hurry and prefer to go little by little, the idea is that you upload videos that make you enjoy.

For example, when I started to monetize my YouTube channel, I knew that there were other much more powerful themes that would make me earn more money in the long term, but that in no case could I sustain because they are not to my liking and I would end up giving up out of boredom.

Anyway, if you have doubts in this regard and don’t know where to start, you can get ideas by reviewing the thousands of videos that you will see in the two main sections of Tiktok:

  • Following: popular TikTok videos that appear by various criteria specific to the application’s algorithm (followers, interactions, views, etc.).
  • For you: videos adapted to the interests you have indicated in your profile and the interactions you have in each of them (like share, etc).

Another way to get inspiration for your videos is through the “Trends” tab, where you will find the most popular content of the moment and with the best interaction.

How to upload a video to Tiktok?

Once you have established a theme to which you want to dedicate your time and you are ready to upload your first videos, you must press the [+] button that you will see in the central part of the application.From there, you will realize a large number of options available to create original and totally exclusive videos in a super simple way, something that is undoubtedly one of the main reasons for the worldwide success that this application has achieved.

Thousands of options to personalize your videos.

And it is that without having to know anything about video editing or anything like that, anyone can create funny videos, with a lot of striking effects and with a practically professional finish. Some of the most important options are the following:

  • Speed : up to 3x.
  • Filters : portrait, landscape, food and intense.
  • Beautify : face, makeup.
  • Timer : countdown between 3 and 10 seconds to get in front of the camera and start recording. Very useful for when you are alone.

Likewise, you also have at your disposal hundreds of filters with which to add a touch of originality to each recording, making it impossible for two videos to be identical.

How to make money on Tiktok faster

Although the really important thing is to focus on creating videos and uploading content regularly (since this is what will make you gain visibility in the long term), it is no less true than a little initial help that makes you have more followers and interactions (so less to gain momentum) never hurts.

For this reason, the first step that every novice tiktoker must take is to invite all their friends and family to install the application, watch their videos and make the maximum possible interactions (likes, comments, shares, etc.).

In addition, it is also important to search and interact with other accounts with similar content (especially with comments) as a way to make yourself known and build relationships with other content creators.

How to earn income doing TikTok

Being clear about how to upload your first videos and knowing the existence of some useful tools to get interactions and even real followers, the next inevitable step is to address the different ways that currently exist to earn money on Tiktok. They are as follows:

1.- Live videos

When you do live broadcasts (lives), viewers who are watching your videos have the option to donate virtual coins that you can later exchange for real money in PayPal. It is a very similar system to donating Bits to support streamers on Twitch.

At all times, you can check the balance of coins you have accumulated by pressing the three-point menu that you will find in the upper right part of your account and then selecting the section “Balance” → “Live Gifts”.

In this same section, you will find a button that allows all TikTok to recharge their balance of coins from € 0.50 (36 coins) to € 244.99 (17,500 coins). Thus, it is the tiktokers themselves who can support other creators if they so wish.

Apart from PayPal, you can also withdraw the profits generated through bank transfers. In either case, the minimum withdrawal is located at $ 100, a fairly high figure and, especially at the beginning, it will take you a long time to accumulate.

2.- Create unique and original content

In my opinion, this is the most important point to grow on Tiktok and get your videos seen by thousands of people around the world. Because both this social network and the others are full of millions of videos, it is necessary to be original to achieve a certain visibility.

Without going any further, as a Tiktok user, I have discovered really amazing channels with content that I had never seen on other types of platforms, something that has caused me to spend more time watching than YouTube, a fact that until recently I would never have imagined 😮

In the field of humour (which are the videos that I like) there are real gems, created by ordinary people who have managed to monetize their Tiktok account in a completely organic way, that is, naturally and without any type of investment or foreign aid.

And is that when content is really good, interactions by other people (comments, likes, shares, subscriptions, etc.) come practically alone. In addition, it is proven that a small percentage of these people are the ones who  buy coins to donate them  to their favourite creators

So, do not hesitate and get to work. Use your ingenuity and the multiple editing tools that this application puts at your disposal to create exclusive and valuable content.

3.- Take advantage of trends

Being creative and original is in no way at odds with taking advantage of trends that are booming at all times. For example, currently, there are topics such as inflation or cryptocurrencies that are on the lips of many people, something that many tiktokers are taking advantage of to upload content about it.

Likewise, situations as drastic as the global pandemic have been the object of the creation of discussion videos, dissemination and even parody by thousands of people around the world, many of whom have seen their channels grow exponentially thanks to viralization of its content .

Therefore, being aware of the news and taking advantage of it is a strategy that you should not miss 😉

4.- Collaborate with advertisers and brands

As your channel grows and gains certain popularity, it is more than likely that certain brands and advertisers will contact you to promote some of their products and/or services. It is normal when you have a broadcast medium on the network (blog, YouTube, Instagram, etc.).After all, advertising campaigns on social networks are much cheaper than in traditional media such as radio or television, so the big brands do not hesitate to look within this sector for influencers who can give to know your products and / or services.

The great advantage in this type of collaboration is that you always have the last word, being able to establish the conditions that you consider necessary to be comfortable and, above all, not to scare your followers with promotions that have nothing to do with the theme of your channel.

5.- Take advantage of your audience in other media

If, thanks to your effort and work, you have managed to build a good number of followers on other social networks, you should take advantage of it to invite your audience to your new projects. For example, if you have a YouTube channel and you upload videos regularly, feel free to publicize your Tiktok channel.

Also, do not forget to include in the description of each video a link not only to your Tiktok channel, but also to the rest of your social networks. Ultimately, it is about creating a kind of “spider web” where your broadcast channels all point to each other .

Thanks to that, the positive inertia that you may have in one of your social networks will have a great probability of “infecting” the others. This strategy, which is by no means new, is still very effective and perfect for when you start making money on Tiktok.

6.- Take advantage of the Tiktok promotion

From time to time, Tiktok brings out a promotion with which you can earn up to € 9 for each person you invite to install the application, so if you have many friends you can put on your boots and earn a lot of money.

To consider
It is essential that your guests do not have an active account to receive this bonus.

7.- Be participatory and active

Although social networks can be a brutal source of income, they require a lot of work and dedication. In the case of Tiktok, you have to be willing to upload a minimum of 2-3 videos per week if you really want to grow significantly.Also, don’t forget to be participatory and interact with other channels that you like, leaving likes and comments whenever possible. Apart from gaining visibility, this will allow you to make friends and, who knows, future business and/or collaborations

8.- Use affiliate platforms

While it is true that at first it is difficult for brands and advertisers to contact you to promote products or services, you always have the option of doing it yourself through one of the many affiliate platforms that exist today.

For example, sites like TradeTracker or Daisycon have hundreds of campaigns that you can include in one of your videos and generate good commissions for it. Of course, remember not to spam or promote things that are not relevant.

Conclusion on making money on Tiktok

As you have seen during the article, there are several ways to monetize your Tiktok account and get real income from your videos. Best of all, anyone can achieve it, as the requirements are not very demanding and the learning curve is very small.Even if you don’t know anything about video editing, with a little practice you can create real wonders, since all the tools are integrated into the application and it is only a matter of trying and trying. Also, remember that you can put the videos in private and only release them when they are really to your liking .

In my opinion, the key to being successful on Tiktok (apart from being creative and original) is uploading content that you enjoy and really like on a personal level, otherwise it will be impossible for you to be consistent and be able to keep up with regular publication, something essential when it comes to monetizing any social network.

And for my part, little more to tell. What did you think of the article? Did you know the possibility of making money with Tiktok in Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and other Latin American countries? If so, do you use any trick or strategy that I have not mentioned in the post? I wait for you in the comments!