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The Business Name Generator: 26 Free Sites

The Business Name Generator: 26 Free Sites

Starting a business can be difficult. And it is more than difficult to find an effective brand name with a .com domain. You need a name that sounds good and is easy to remember. Perhaps you spent hours trying to create a brand name, only to find that no domain was available for your favorite ideas, or that it was very expensive.

But with a business name generator, you will be able to find a catchy brand name associated with a free domain. In this article, we’ve provided 26 business name generators to help you choose the best brand name.

The ultimate top business name generator

Company name generator: Oberlo
Oberlo Business Name Generator offers you hundreds of name ideas for your business, accessible with just one click. You just have to enter a keyword relevant to the concept of your business, then click on the main button. You can then choose company names on the pages that appear. Scroll through the options and select your business name to simply start your business.

You can enter word variations in the search bar until you are satisfied with the results. If you do not like the results displayed for a given term, “clothing” for example, you can relaunch the search by targeting it more precisely on your company or on the way in which you are going to present it. You could then refine your search with “vintage clothing” or with “plus size clothing”. Oberlo Name Generator for Business is not only free, it is also extremely easy to use. After choosing the name, set up the domain ASAP, to make sure no one takes it from you!

 Company name generator: Shopify


Use Shopify tools to find a name, create your logo, and launch your online business

If you’re looking for a name generator for your business, Shopify is here to help. You will find hundreds if not thousands of company names. Shopify only displays brand names associated with available domains. The Shopify Business Name Generator makes it easy to create your first online store right away. The main advantage of the Shopify business name generator is that it allows you, once you have chosen a trade name, to create your very first online store using its powerful e-commerce platform.

Company Name Generator: Cool Name Ideas

Cool Name Ideas is an interesting business name generator. It asks you to enter the descriptive terms of your activity, but also information on the type of business you are looking to name, the benefits it will bring to customers, its personality and the type of domain you are looking for (.com , .net). Thanks to your responses, you will have a more targeted list of brand names. Then all you have to do is click on the name chosen to check the availability of the domain. One of the great advantages of this business name generator is that it provides detailed guidelines on how to use it, thus improving the user experience. The generator offers a section “Screenshots &

Free Company Name Generator: Name Mesh

If you want specific keywords to be used in your future domain name, the Name Mesh business name generator will find the name that’s right for you. The relevant domain names available will be recommended to you based on the keywords cited. You’ll also get a nice-to-view domain list based on the exact keywords you entered. After entering, the page is split into several type categories: common, similar, new, and fun to help you find the domain name that matches your needs. You access thousands of different names according to these categories. Available domains will be displayed in green, and unavailable domains in red. To make it easier for you and only display accessible domain names, check the “Hide Registered” box at the top right. This shop name generator also offers a number of options, such as the number of characters, which you can adapt to your personal preferences and depending on what you are looking for.

Brand Name Generator: Wordlab

Wordlab name generator is not as accurate as others on this list. Even though it offers over seven million potential names to choose from, it doesn’t list them for you, and you have to figure them out one by one. If you are looking for name ideas for a unique brand, click “Get Name!” Multiple times. (Get a name!) Until the right business name idea comes up.

Name generator for the company: Freshbooks

The Freshbooks Company Name Generator is quite interactive. When you view the page, you should click on “Let’s Get Started!” (Let’s go!) You will then be prompted to choose your industry: creative and marketing, legal and business consulting, commerce and home services, information technology. After choosing your sector, you can add your keywords. Several brand name suggestions are displayed. Once selected, the desired brand name is displayed on a new page in a dynamic rectangle.

Free name generator for the company: Getsocio

Getsocio’s brand name generator allows you to type in the keyword you are looking for to include it in your domain. Thousands of possible domain names will be suggested to you. The only downside is that your domain name will end with, instead of the classic .com domain. After selecting your domain, you will need to provide information such as your name, email address, and password in order to continue building an e-commerce store.

Free Company Name Generator: Brand Root

Brandroot is a generator of unique and impactful names, all registered under the .com domain name. Each name on the list is carefully chosen and offered for sale with a professional logo for an affordable price. You can search for a name by keyword or by category to find a brand name suitable for your particular business niche. The brand name ideas that you will find on this site are top notch and some are much more expensive than others. You can select a price range to avoid company names that would not fit your budget. When you buy a brand name that you like, you also get the logo design, which you can request a review for.

Business Name Generator: Namesmith

Namesmith Business Name Generator allows you to include up to five keywords in your domain name. Depending on your choices, you will view domains with the exact keywords, combinations, rhymes, prefixes/suffixes and variations. You will be redirected to GoDaddy to purchase the domain. Be aware that by purchasing a domain name in this way, you will have to pay an affiliate commission to Namesmith.

Namesmith launches several algorithms for the name suggestions. He builds portfolios, (a mixture of two words such as French + English = Frenglish), from the keywords, creatively distorting their spelling, adding prefixes/suffixes to them and coming up with ideas of catchy company names.

Free Name Generator for Business: Hipster Business Name

This brand name generator is probably the most creative and trendy on the list. It randomly generates word associations. It creates original, fun and eye-catching brand names; a great business name generator if you are looking for a truly unique name. You can also buy a t-shirt that will have your brand name and logo on it. If you buy a domain on this name generator, you will need to pay Hipster Business Name affiliate commission.

Company name generator:  Anadea

Anadea Free Business Name Generator makes it easy for you to create business name ideas based on the keyword provided. It will offer you a choice of relevant and catchy names. After selecting a domain, you will be prompted to request a quote for the domain and the website builder service .

You can also generate ideas of business names taking into account the category of activity; health, IT, travel, technology, etc. If you are looking for a unique brand name and site, Anadea is the solution for you. This store name creator also allows you to generate app and website names.

Free Business Name Generator: Fit Small Business

Fit Small Business gives you a series of questions to help you find the perfect brand name. The generator asks you to indicate the type of products you are selling, your delivery areas and your name. It then displays a list of brand names that are typically three or more words long. After clicking on a domain, you are redirected to Bluehost (Fit Small Business will earn a commission if you make the purchase). If you need more advice, this business name generator also has a series of nifty tips to help you choose the type of name for your business.

Brand Name Generator: Ecommerce Guide

This company name generator will offer you suggestions based on the keywords entered. Some suggestions might include removing a letter, prefixed or appended words. This brand name generator is ideal if you want to incorporate specific keywords into your domain name. Ecommerce Guide will also provide you with a wealth of useful information to understand certain aspects of selecting when choosing a name for your business.

Free name generator for business: Crazy Namer

Crazy Namer Free Business Name Generator allows you to generate a random name, similar name, lexical field, web 2.0 name, a word with mixed letters, or word with the specific keyword you want. On the right, the screen displays the domains listed for .com and .net. You can easily click “check” to see if the domain name is available. Be aware that one-word domains are often already taken.

Company name generator: Name Station

If you are looking for a free business name generator, Name Station will provide you with an impressive list of brand name ideas. Add the keyword you want to include and a page displays the domain names. You can even sort the resulting list to display the available domains and simplify your search process. The generator provides you with domain idea pages that can inspire you to build a strong brand. By combining creativity with powerful search tools, NameStation helps you find the available brand names that meet your needs.

Free Business Name Generator: Domain Puzzler

Domain Puzzler allows you to create a domain name in three ways. The first is to make the keyword the exact name of the domain. The second is an advanced method that allows you to add other keywords that you want to see in your business name. The third is magic: you type in the desired keyword and the trending terms are associated with it. You can even view the page rankings of popular websites. To obtain a .com domain, all you need to do is check the corresponding box below the options to display only the available domains.

Brand Name Generator: Wordoid

Wordoid allows you to find the available brand names. Just add your keyword under Pattern, then click “Create wordoids” at the top. Several ideas for domain names are displayed on the right. An outstanding feature of this catchy name generator is that it allows you to change the filter options in the left column. This method allows you to get more precise results. You can adjust your results to suit your preferences in terms of quality, language, trend, length, and domain name. You are then redirected to GoDaddy where you can purchase your domain name. Remember that a Wordoid affiliate link is attached to it.

Company name generator: Lean Domain Search

Lean Domain Search makes it easy to find the perfect brand name. When you enter the keyword, you are taken to a page on which the available domain names are displayed in green. When you click on the desired domain, you will also be told whether this username is available on Twitter . By registering an account with one of the companies offered, you click on a Lean Domain Search affiliate link.

Free name generator for business: Brand Bucket

If you are looking for a unique brand name with a logo , Brand Bucket is the perfect brand name generator for you. Brand names are often expensive, over $ 1,000, but they are unique, eye-catching and impactful. If you choose a domain name on this website, it will be accompanied by a logo for which you can request changes.

Company name generator: Naminum

The Naminum name generator adds suffixes to the desired keyword. If you are looking for a one-word domain name , Naminum is the perfect solution. The only downside of this brand name generator is that you have to click manually to view the available domains. You may have to click on several of them before you find free domain names.

Free Business Name Generator: One Click Name

One Click Name is another website that offers a logo with a domain name. This business name generator has thousands of top domains for sale. All areas are described by categories and keywords. They are also illustrated with an elegant logo . You have to pay a few hundred dollars minimum if you find a name you like. Just type in your keyword or niche to find relevant brand names. After finding a name that suits you, the generator allows you to find out more about the feelings evoked by this name, what type of activities it is suitable for, its structure, etc.

Brand Name Generator: Name Find

If you are looking for quality domain names, Name Find will show you a selection of available brand names. Most domain names cost several thousand dollars, but if you’re looking for a tailor-made domain name, you’re sure to find it with Name Find. Name Find is ideal for successful entrepreneurs who have a significant budget to invest in quality domain names. If you have any questions, you can even contact by phone or e-mail the subject matter specialists who are available to help you find the name for your business.

Brand name ideas: Namerific

Namerific is another top brand name website. Some domains cost close to $ 400,000 and on average less than $ 10,000. When you type in your keyword or business niche, the generator displays relevant brand name ideas along with a logo. This catchy name generator provides creative brand names that sound great; it is therefore particularly intended for those who wish to have a first-rate brand name.

Brand name ideas:

This brand name generator offers business name ideas by letting you enter specific criteria and get more precise results. You can designate a root word, a syllable, a letter and the number of syllables you want. You can also add rhymes, Greco-Latin roots, and other words as variations. This sophisticated name generator also offers advice to guide you in this delicate search which is the name of your future business. 

Brand Name Ideas: Dot-o-mator

This easy-to-use business name generator displays a name randomly by clicking the button. By choosing an option on the name lists, or typing your own words, it will bring up several combinations of the two lists to help you find the name you like. You can add your choices in your “Scratchbox”. You must then manually check if the domain name is available.

Brand Name Ideas: BizNameWiz

BizNameWiz is another brand name generator that requires very little effort on your part. To use this business name generator, all you need to do is enter one or more words that interest you and the generator instantly produces a list of results. This tool also identifies which domain names are available. This business name generator also includes branding and branding guides  that will give you an in-depth view of what to do and what to avoid when choosing your brand.

Whether you are looking for an exact domain name or a creative brand name that captures the spirit of your brand, the name generators on this list will help you determine the name you want. In the final analysis, it is your brand presentation, your treatment of customers and your presence in the market that will define the perception of your business. Create a brand that you will be proud to claim.

Did you find the brand name you wanted? Let us know in the comments below!