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Here Is How To Gain More Twitter Followers: The Basics

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Want to get more Twitter followers? With a better audience on Twitter, you will be able to improve the performance of your website, develop your customer base and your sales volume. And the good news is that there are a lot of ways to get more Twitter followers with little effort.

How to get more Twitter followers?

# 1. Include keywords in your Twitter bio

A simple first thing to do is to optimize your Twitter bio. The platform allows its users to do keyword research to join conversations or follow people. If you want people to find your e-commerce, just put the keywords associated with your business in your Twitter bio. Your account will come out more easily in the results, potentially increasing your chances of being followed. No need to overdo it. Two or three terms that are really relevant to your online store will suffice.

# 2. Find people talking about your niche

If you intend to grow your community on Twitter, you need to connect with people who already deal with your niche. How? ‘Or’ What ? Using Twitter search. If you have a gift shop and you run into people looking for gift ideas, jump into the conversation by pitching your shop and products to these potential customers. Be subtle, however, when introducing your brand.

Here Is How To Gain More Twitter Followers: The Basics

There are some really handy social media tools, like Tweetdeck and Hootsuite. They allow you to create Twitter search columns that automatically sync as new tweets contain the keywords you specified. This will allow you to regularly monitor this aspect on a screen, instead of searching each time. You will also be able to use tools such as IFTTT and receive alerts when a keyword matches your preferences.

# 3. Add a Twitter badge to your site

Want even more Twitter followers? So insert a Twitter button on your site. Most major brands and resellers have a link to their Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube profile. These clickable icons can be placed in the footer of your website. You will see an example below on Watchshop.

The Hip Store adds a call to action in a column of its footer, allowing visitors to connect via Twitter and other social networks. 

Here Is How To Gain More Twitter Followers: The Basics

Twitter also offers an official “Follow” button that you can generate for your e-commerce site using Twitter Publish. It will produce the code necessary to make the button appear in the header, the scrolling menu, the footer or on the page of your choice.

When people click this button, they’ll see your Twitter bio and recent Tweets. To get people to really follow you when they reach your profile, make sure your bio and recent tweets are engaging enough.

Twitter also offers an official “share” button, which allows you to add your Twitter ID in tweets people post to share your products or blog posts. Also, your Twitter profile will appear in Recommended Profiles when the person posts the tweet.

# 4. Place a Twitter link in your Newsletter

Do you send regular newsletters or other marketing messages to your customers by email? If so, take the time to produce engaging content and offer the opportunity to interact with your brand’s social networks. To do this, simply integrate the links from your Twitter account and your other accounts.

For your personal emails, you can use services such as Wisestamp to create professional email signatures to promote your brand, including your store’s social networks. You can even embed your latest tweet under your personal and business information.

# 5. Introduce Twitter as a contact option

Another way to get Twitter followers is to recommend it as a communication channel. Adding the link of your Twitter account on your contact page, like Master & Dynamic , will help attract people who prefer to use Twitter rather than an email or phone to reach your business regarding sales, after-service. sale or other queries. 

# 6. Offer benefits with Twitter

Providing perks can help you get more Twitter followers. Why ? This motivates visitors to follow calls to action, such as subscribing to your newsletter or following your store on social media. Aesenthials offers new customers a discount code through a pop-up window, in exchange for a subscription to their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram profile.

Third-party services, such as Wishpond integrate with Shopify , allow store managers to offer perks or run contests to help them grow their social media audience. You can run promotions focused only on Twitter followers or let your visitors choose their favorite social network. Preferably media such as Twitter and Facebook, on which you can then advertise to these new subscribers. 

# 7. Organize a contest

Some brands, such as Cdiscount , regularly launch contests. To grow their Twitter audience, they encourage people to follow them on social media to find out about contest information, find out prizes, or just to enter. By adding a Twitter form with a tool like Kontest , you can get followers very easily.

# 8. Gain followers with Twitter Ads

To boost your follower base, consider Twitter ads. Twitter advertising platform allows you to gain more subscribers with targeted messages encouraging them to follow you. With these ads, your Twitter account will be much more visible to a potentially interested audience. If you invest in Twitter advertising, make sure you have a compelling bio.

You can also promote your sponsored tweets to your audience so that they appear in their feed, as in the example below:

Here Is How To Gain More Twitter Followers: The Basics
Here Is How To Gain More Twitter Followers: The Basics

# 9. Ask your employees to include your store in their bio

If you want to have more Twitter followers, ask your team to promote your store in their bio. Do you work with employees, freelancers or partners who have a Twitter profile? If they wish, they can insert your username (@yourprofilename) in their bio in their profile. When people visit your employee’s profile or see them in search results, they’ll also get a link to your business’s Twitter account. 

Consider the reputation of your business and talk to these people about how you want your brand to appear on different social networks. Those who put your brand in their bio become de facto representatives of it. So you want them to make a good impression on potential customers.

# 10. Recruit influencers

You can get more Twitter followers with the help of influencers. Brand ambassadors and influencers on Twitter are your best customers. These are customers who have a big following on Twitter and who love your products. Identify them so that they can then promote your products to their Twitter followers. This will effectively help develop your audience and sales.

How to find the best ambassadors and influencers for your e-commerce store? Start by identifying your best customers on Twitter. Find out who mentioned your profile and get in touch with them. You can also use services built into Shopify, such as Brand Ambassador , to help you manage affiliate programs for your store. 

# 11. Be creative

There are many ways to get more Twitter followers for your e-commerce store. The key is to be creative. Use observation to find inspiration everywhere. The Zee.Dog brand created the Zee.Dog Mafia , influencers who represent their store and their products on Instagram. A similar technique would be to spot personalities or recruit influencers on Twitter who speak the language of your customers.

So aesthetic took a similar approach by listing the designers of their products and linking to their Instagram profile. You could do the same by linking Twitter accounts.

In conclusion

As you browse your competitor’s sites, keep a creative mind to get more Twitter followers. Observe the brands whose community is growing rapidly. Chances are similar strategies will work on Twitter and for your ecommerce.